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Shared Hosting Overview

Shared hosting services in Cincinnati

Thousands of companies offer hosting: few have the expertise, infrastructure or determination to protect your business. We believe that communicating with and reaching your clients is not a process that can be stuffed into a commodity offering.

Hundreds of private and public companies trust Profitability.net to secure and protect their website and email systems. Don’t put your business at risk - be sure to review our list of key questions to ask prospective partners. With our hosting cluster you have access to storage, mailboxes and databases on demand. With our easy to use Hsphere control panel there is no need to call IT personnel when you want to create databases, administer mailboxes or review web statistics. Call 513.361.0800 to review your business, security and compliance requirements. A hosting expert will review your needs and recommend an appropriate solution.

Our hosting cluster includes a robust RedHat Linux and Windows infrastructure that includes:

Locking cabinets or caged space accessible to your team 24X7
24X7 facilities monitoring
Fault tolerant network core using Cisco NPE-G1’s and Cisco gigabit switches
UPS and generator systems provide constant power availability in the event of grid failure
Advanced security including biometric fingerprint scanner and video surveillance
Environmental controls
Real-time network monitoring

Profitability.net always goes the extra mile to ensure our clients are happy.

[ Carla Franke ]

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Profitability.net also offers a portfolio of managed services so you can focus on your core business and outsource the rest. Whatever level of service you choose, your company will be able to:

Protect your IT and information assets
Reduce operational costs by leveraging our facilities and know-how
Increase availability of email, websites and core applications
Redirect IT personnel to more strategic projects

Want to find out more?

Call one of our hosting experts at 513.361.0800 to schedule a product tour and review your business requirements.


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